Friday, December 26, 2014

First in a series. . . On Collecting!


For Christmas I treated myself to a new book by one of my favorite collectors.  Mary Randolph Carter is the author of the "junk" books. . .
American Junk    Garden Junk    Kitchen Junk
And a few more too.
Her new book speaks to my soul.
It's called,
Never Stop to Think. . .
Do I Have a Place for This?
I never seem to have a place for much of what I buy. 
But - I buy it anyway.
I suspect I'm not alone in this....
In fact, I know I'm not alone.  And I'll prove it to you. 
In the coming months on this blog I'll be showing you collections.
Created by some of my favorite people.
First up is my dear friend,
She's kind of like this first photo.
Beautiful inside and out, and full of light.
I'm privileged to work with Marci at Vine Street Antiques in Murray.
Make that Marci and Luigi.
One of them warmed up to me pretty quickly.
The other one likes to smell my pant legs.
He and I are slowly becoming friends.
Marci is especially passionate about two things.
Animals, and antiques.
Marci recently invited me into her home,
where I got to experience both.
I was in awe.
I hope you will be too.
           There was beauty everywhere. . . .
Bottles, and jewels, and crowns. . . oh my!
Cleverness abounds.
Take silverwear in a tool box, for instance.
Or heritage lace in a primitive cubby.
Or clocks and chickens and bedsprings, all in a row.
Marci loves industrial antiques. 

This is where Marci designs her incredible steampunk creations.
            Like these. . .
Flower frogs are another passion.

As is Manhattan Depression Glass.

And the color orange.
Pearls & crystals.
Industrial & steampunk.
Marci Henich.
My friend.
And a collector. . . .



  1. Love seeing Marci's creative space and her steampunk creations!!!! She's a kindred spirit!!!!

  2. Makes me want to do something creative!! Thanks for a great post, great pictures Cathie!