Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Giveaway alert. . . what would $50 buy at fleattitude?

Us? We would NEVER miss a flea market. . .

Our dear flea friends. . .

Do you love vintage?
Do you love a flea market?
Do you love FREE vintage stuff at a FLEA market?

Then read on!

I (caThiE) have recently become affiliated with 
the New Century Collector 
(Utahs Antique Newspaper) as a monthly columnist 
(woo hoo doesnt that sound cool?!) 
and editor Dennis Barker and Jen & I  
would like to build our Facebook and blog following.

In other words, wed like more people to like us.
And we want to know that you like us. 
Kind of like Sally Field exclaiming,

You like me!

(You younger folks will need to google that...)

So, were gonna try to “buy” some friends. . . .
And no, were not embarrassed by that in the least.

Heres the deal. All you have to do is:
1.  like both of our Facebook pages.
2.  And follow both of our blogs.
Thats just four (4) little things you gotta do. If youve already done some of those things youre already partway home. The deal is, though, that you have to be our friend at all four places.

And heres the reward. . . .
*       You let us know when youve done all four in the comment section below or via our emails in the left column above.  
*       And then, on April 18th  (two days before the big day), well conduct a random drawing and choose one person who “really likes us” to win a $50 shopping certificate to fleattitude Vintage Market on Saturday April 20th and 2 passes to the April 19th-21st Original Salt Antiques Show at the South Towne Expo Mart 

Hmm, just might be fun to 
go shopping with General Grant!

Not too shabby, huh?

So,  do you like us??

Here are the shortcuts, 'cause we like to make life easy for you:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bruce. . . an attitude of friendliness

It will only take you a minute or two of
being with fleattitude dealer Bruce
for you to realize that hes a

r e a l l y  n i c e  g u y .

As nice as the vintage Santas he sells?

Just maybe. . .

His day job is as a nursing home administrator, something he's been 
doing for 16 years.
Before that he was a recreation director
at Health South. 

He says he's worked in health care
for a looonng time.

You have to be a nice person
to do that,
dont you think?

Bruce says he likes selling at flea markets
because it is a quick way to move 
merchandise at a decent price.

Lucky for us, huh?

He also sells at Treasures Antique Mall
in Springville, where I perused his booth Looking for items to 
photograph for the blog.

He seems to like heads. . .

I asked Bruce how he got involved in the antique business, and completely loved his answer:

"I have always liked old junk. I think I got hooked on antiques when I was 14 years old. I worked for a lady who had bought an old mansion in American Fork. After they bought the property they started a demolition business to get salvage for their new property. I would got with her to pull salvage before the building was torn down. I found on old art deco lamp in the basement and ended up selling it for $275.00. It was then I realized that I could become rich from selling antiques (ha ha)."

One thing about Bruces booth, 
its diverse.  
Youll find just about anything.  
From kitsch to Royal Doulton.  
He says, “I sell anything I 
think I can make money on.”  

Have you checked out his new 
“retro” booth 
at Treasures?  Its

j u s t   p l a i n   f u n

Kinda like Bruce.

He describes himself as hard working
and always looking for new ways
to have fun.

Others would describe him as

You can't ask for much more in a guy than that, now can you?

Be sure to stop by Bruce's booth
at fleattitude and sit for a spell 

and you'll discover just how 


a flea market can be!