Monday, September 9, 2013

Fallow Field Farm. . .

We saw some Fallow deer for sale one day in the paper and thought why not? We have some land and love wildlife and thought it would be a fun little venture. That is how our little farm came to be known as 'Fallow Field Farm'.
                                                  - Marci Welcker, from her blog

I stopped by Marci’s farm with a friend a few days ago in preparation for her upcoming sale, which is also called “Fallow Field Farm.”  This was the charming view that greeted us at her front door.  Of course she didn’t answer. . . she was in back, at work on the farm.

We chatted for a few minutes about the sale and her farm and stuff.  Then she had to get back to work painting the greenhouse since the paint was quickly drying on her paintbrush in the 95-degree heat.  So we parted ways and she went back to painting and we explored and I did what I do – I took pictures. . . .

“Antiques are an important part of my life and the life we've made here. They are the history of us and where we came from. When you come to our little show I want you to feel like you are a part of something special. Something that you don't find in our neck of the woods.”
                                                                   - Marci

"I want everyone that comes here to feel at home. Our vendors are hand-picked by me and are just 'good people'. So whether you are a vendor or a customer please know that we are so glad that you are here!"

Because Marci hand-picks her vendors you can expect to find some of the best merchandise available.  It’ll be displayed with loveliness in one of the most charming settings you’ll ever shop in.  I know it sounds cliche, but expect the unexpected.  Expect "wonderful."

It. . . will. . . take. . . your. . . breath. . . away. . . .

Check out her list of vendors here:

Fallow Field Farm Marketplace

Saturday Sept. 21st

9 am til 6 pm

685 W. Lakeview Road

Lindon, UT

Handmadesvintage goodsantique finds

       *   *   *   *   * 

Oh. - and by the way. . .

This sweet, gentle lady has a secret.  It’s in her side driveway.  It’s 40 feet long and you’d better believe she means business.  Funny thing is. . . the name on the front says “Bluebird.”  

Hmm, I coulda' sworn bluebirds were blue.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013