Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Musings on design. . .

I took a design class in college.  It was a "gift."

It opened my eyes to concepts that I'd never thought about before,
and that would change the way I would see things.

I learned the elements of design. . .
~ line
~ color
~ space
~ form

Last week I was glancing at a few of the antiques
that hang out in my living room.

Hmmm, do I notice “line” here?

I wonder what else I can find with “line”?. . .

So. . .                             

what will you “see”
with new eyes?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you accumulate? A word on collecting. . .

What do you collect?

T h e    m a g a z i n e s    s a y
that you can elevate the status
of even ordinary objects
 by displaying them
in groups.

Those of us who love vintage tend to collect.
a.k.a. accumulate.
After all, how many __________
do you already have,
yet still you buy
yet another

i t ’ s    j u s t   r i g h t ?

Jen and I both love to collect
little stuff like. . .
game pieces
sewing stuff,
especially buttons &
trim &
cool fabric
jewelry makings
kitchen-y stuff
anything with
numbers and/or letters
and so on. . . . . . .

And then. . .

we love to share them with you
so you can make amazing things!

And then. . .

Jen takes some of her collections,
and puts them together into what
she affectionately calls


So. . . wed love you to share with us.

What do you collect?


Saturday, January 12, 2013

A "pretty" attitude. . .

 I feel pretty,  Oh, so pretty

In our “About Us” link on the right side of the blog, we ask ~
“What’s your flea-attitude?”

Often on our blog we'll be asking that question.
And showing various "attitudes" 
that might be associated 
   with flea-ing. . . .

While Jen and I have been into a "heavy metal" stage lately,
the attitude I chose to get us going is

 Lovely English teacup

Antique bottles

Vintage clothing


Lacy linens & floral china

Eastlake hinges

Antique silverware

Vintage perfume bottles

A rosebud lampshade



What kinds of “pretties” do 

look for when 
you go flea-ing?

Is "pretty" 


hugs, cathie        

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to fleattitude!

Hello friends!

There's a new flea market in town. . . 

Introducing ~

fleattitude Vintage Market 

Brought to you by your flea friends

Jennifer Reed
Cathie Cox

1st market:
 Saturday April 20th

So you can get to know us,
let us introduce our 
to you. . .

      Cathie first. . .

I love:


Kitchen stuff

Vintage children's clothing


Metal stuff

50's stuff ~ Mel-mac, for instance

Junking. . .

The number "13"


Taking photographs

And so much more. . .

                  So. . .

                  What do you love?