Thursday, May 30, 2013

So just who's coming to fleattitude??

Hmm, it’s been a while since we’ve been on the blog.
Life seems to get in the way of
“writing about life,” doesn’t it?


 So. . . hi!  

We’ve missed you.    

Want to know which dealers are coming to fleattitude on June 8th?    

Here they are:    

Amy Redden
Instagram: vintagefern 


Bruce Allison
sells at Treasures Antique Mall, Springville
North building, dealer #700  

   Callie Bott    

Carla Cunningham & Sheri Parker
C & S Coop 
 Instagram: candscoop

Cathie Cox
seCoNd haNd sTuFt
sells at Treasures Antique Mall, Springville
North & South buildings, dealer #313
Instagram: secondhandstuft

Courtney Bird
Vintage Bird 
Instagram: courtneybird80


   Debra Washburn 
Relic Mercantile    
Instagram: relic_mercantile  

Garna Johnson         

Holly Jacobs  


Jennifer Reed
3 dotters Vintage Rentals
Find her rental business on Facebook
Instagram: 3dotters

Jennine Ashley   
le Junque 

Kelcee & Shelby Maynard  
Instagram: kelceee  

Kim Coombs & Angela Leuga 
Vintage Trinkets & Treasures

  Larry Ray 
  Picker’s Paradise  
 720 S. Main

Lindsey Snarr  
Instagram: lindseysnarr 


Mary Ann Hill
Miss Fitts  
   find Miss Fitts on Facebook  

Michelle Jones 
Vintage Cupcake Co.
105 Historic 25th St.


Mike Sovic       

Orson & Diana Ungricht   

Penny Jones
 Found Art   
find Penny Jones Art on Facebook  

Rachael Skidmore
   Maeberry Vintage   
sells at Lost & Found Thrift, Bountiful
Instagram: maeberry_vintage

Sarah Casper
Instagram: sbcheeky1

Shannon Lavery 
Reclaimologists & other crafty chicks 

     Shaylei Hallings & Terilyn Anderson
         Instagram: anderdaughters      

 Shireen Watanabe 
     Instagram: shireen_watanabe  

Steffi Link
The Pink Door

   Tammy Herker & Jayme Henry 
         Instagram: tammyherker    

Vickie Hunter
   pickitvintage on Facebook 

With dealers like these,
You’re not gonna want to miss


Saturday  June 8th

9 til 4

early admission  8 am  
5 dollars

the Old Pleasant Grove Rec Center

65 E  200 S

Pleasant Grove  ut