Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Musings on design. . .

I took a design class in college.  It was a "gift."

It opened my eyes to concepts that I'd never thought about before,
and that would change the way I would see things.

I learned the elements of design. . .
~ line
~ color
~ space
~ form

Last week I was glancing at a few of the antiques
that hang out in my living room.

Hmmm, do I notice “line” here?

I wonder what else I can find with “line”?. . .

So. . .                             

what will you “see”
with new eyes?



  1. Cathie, I love those lines, I think that is part of what I look for in collecting! Thanks for the fun visuals that invite us to take a "new look" at lines!

  2. Loving your posts & pictures Cathie! Excited for your new adventure with Jen!