Sunday, February 24, 2013

A flea-attitude of. . . heavy metal!

Salvage: noun. 

Property or goods saved 
from damage or destruction.  

a.k.a. my new favorite "vintage" find.

Lots of metal.  Some rust.  

It suggests longevity. Permanence.
The passage of time. 

Not ALL of it is metal. . .

for example - a five-foot wood protractor.
Post-WWII military training tool.

a.k.a. stunning.

Soft salvage. . .

Spanish-American war knapsack,
with soldier’s name written on the back

Some of my favorite salvage. . .

Ooh, how I love that rust!




  1. Are all of these for sale? If so, I see two things I want!

    1. Some of these are already sold. . . some still available! Those still for sale are the water pump, the top rusty box, the triangular things that look like trees, the industrial light and the jeep seat. I get tons of people asking to buy the nail bin, bottom photo - sorry, display only! Let me know if you want any of the available items. . . caThiE

    2. Oh, and hoping to get more knapsacks soon. Will let you know!

    3. More knapsacks now available!!! Lots to pick from. . .

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