Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Words for a new year. . .

As the new year dawns, I find myself learning of my friends' "words" for 2014.  Their words to live up to, their "guideposts," so to speak.  A tiny little group of letters that will mean something big to them as they go forth and try to become better people.  "Balance" is one.  "Gracious" is another.  Got me to thinking, what would my word be?

Cope?  Survive?

Hmm, those don't seem hopeful enough, do they?

Then I got to thinking, I've had "words" that I've lived by for a long time.  Words that mean everything to me, from the way I live my life to the way we've tried to raise our children to the way we run our flea market, and everything in between.  These are the words that make me tick. 

T   R  U  S  T

My dad once told me that "when dealing with people who matter, be dead honest."  I tend to be "dead honest" with everyone.  And I want others to be honest with me, even if its painful or embarrassing.  Perhaps its old-fashioned, but I like to believe people, to trust them.  Period.

R  E  L  I  A  B  L  E

If you say you're going to do something, do it.  Be there.  Show up.

K  I  N  D  N  E  S  S

"I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right, you see," (LDS children's song).  My daughter once went through a traumatic time in her life which left her with a PTSD-type reaction to anyone who yells.  I've had to learn to control my voice when angry (why yes, I do get angry sometimes!) so as not to upset her further.  I'm not always able to do this and I sob afterwards when I've yelled and frightened her.  I've learned that kindness is always a good choice, no matter what.

H  E  L  P

Several months ago I took the "Love Languages" inventory and found out that one of my love languages is "help."  Couldn't be truer.  I love it when my husband helps me. . . which he does a lot.  You'll see him doing it at fleattitude.  And just about everywhere else.  I love to see our dealers helping others.  Isn't "helping" what life is all about?

N  I  C  E

A few years ago I was working in a situation where I had to quit because someone didn't like me.  It didn't make much sense to me since I did my job well and was appreciated by most everyone else there.  I was nice.  But the person who mattered in keeping my job didn't like me.  Funny thing is, I had earlier received a plaque from someone else related to my job that said, "Because nice matters."  I still have that plaque, because, in spite of all that happens that is out of our control, NICE does matter.  No matter how hard life is, no matter what cards we are dealt, NICE matters.  And NICE is important.  Period.

So. . . happy 2014, and may you find the right words to guide you through the new year and your life.

And. . . if you're at a loss for some, here are a few good ones:

g  o  o  d      j  u  n  k  i  n  '



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  1. You just can't beat the words "Good junkin" no matter what! Maybe that would be a good LIFETIME word...not that its full of integrity, buy a LIFESTYLE! The word HOPE was one of mine a few years back and well needed and necessary in my family at the time. Thanks for your honest post Cathy.