Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who's new at the zoo? Introducing our new fleattitude vendors!

fleattitude loves adding new vendors to our little flea-family. . 

. . . here's our group of "newbies" for August 2014:

Amy Denny and I go waaaay back. . . to our time at the Abode Flea Market several years ago.  We would put her booth - Vintage Re-d-fined - right next to the street because it would draw customers in with her lovely display and fantastic merchandise, which includes furniture, suitcases, windows and doors, and more.  She says, "I love that [vintage] gets in your blood and changes everything you look at."

Brittney Erb of "Charlotte Joy Vintage & Accessories" will be sharing a booth with wonderful Kat Markham.  Brittney's specialty is small items such as girls' accessories, teapots, bottles, books and other assorted goodies.  Her son's room is decorated with tin toys and her daughter's with 1930s paper dolls.  What's not to love about THAT?

I discovered Elizabeth Merrell & Maren Spencer at the Urban Flea Market in Salt Lake and invited them to have a booth because I loved the charming look they created.  They also sell at the Summer Flea in South Jordan.  They'll be selling kitchenware, vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry and ????? in their booth that they call Aunt Lizzie's Attic.

Heidi Adkins' calls her booth "To The Tree! To The Tree!"  Anybody know where she got that name??  She says that she is a scrounger and a picker and has been gathering for years. . . always telling her husband "I'll sell them - they're valuable!"  (Sound familiar?)  She adds, "The world of vintage is where I want to hang out.  It's my happy place. . . ."

John VanCott is a familiar face to many and always has the unique and unusual in his booth that he calls Steel Horse Antiques.  He's a veteran at selling - just new to this market.  I've known John for several years from our mutual associations with the Acorn Antique Show and Treasures Antique Mall.  Be prepared to find something interesting and OOAK from John!!

I haven't met Laura Burt in person yet. . . but that's okay because I HAVE tasted her cookies and they are to die for!  Laura works with my husband and calls her business Honey B's Boutique & Baked Goods.  I had her make some cookies for me for a holiday cookie exchange. . . and she came through with Raspberry Lemon Creams and Lime Delights.  Let's just say #meltinyourmouthamazing!  Laura will be selling her treats in the kitchen (immediately to the right of the admission area in the annex).  Here's a partial list of what she'll be bringing:

Lime Delights
Chocolate Chunk
Peanut Butter S'more
Creamy Nutty Butters
Triple Chocolate Fudge
Raspberry Lemon Creams
Chunky Peanut Butter Pretzel
White Chocolate Cranberry Cashew

Pamela Morgan of Moon Pepper Vintage is coming all the way from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and discovered fleattitude on  She says her style is "an eclectic grouping of rustic vintage shabby and junque!"  She fits in well with us when she says that she's "a junker, hoarder, recycler, and upcycler. . . and enjoys it."  We think you'll fall in love with her farm junk and primitives. . . .

Stephanie Seelos of Afton's Wish Book says her style is "Mid-Century Modern, Leave it to Beaver (Pyrex love!), lots of color, shabby chic, and kitsch." Sounds fun, don't you think?  She's been a vendor at the Vintage Whites Market and Oh Sweet Sadie and is excited to be a part of fleattitude now.  In one of the photos she sent in her application there is a plaque that says, "Thank you for not being perky."  I think I like this lady. . . .

Many of you will recognize Trista Aitken by her alter ego - half of Pickin' N Peddlin'.  But which one IS she?  At fleattitude she'll go by "Two Pence Vintage" and I promise that you'll want to visit her booth.  She says her personal style is "vintage industrial farmhouse chic."  But her merchandise style is "all around."  You can expect to find picture frames, wool blankets, mirrors, ladders, tool boxes, tablecloths, metal carts. . . whoops - I think I'm drooling!


  1. Did you say COOKIES!!! Looking forward to seeing all the goods coming in for the show, can't wait!

    1. Yup. DID in fact say cookies. I think I'll have to try each one to see which is my favorite. . . .

  2. Love seeing you at all the fleas and so excited to for your new adventures